Wally the globe-trotting walrus crosses the Channel to France and is hit by boat

The walrus that became famous after arriving in Britain has been pictured after crossing the Channel – to France.

Wally spent three months lounging on the coast of Tenby in Wales – before being spotted in the sea off Cornwall.

But the young creature has arrived on the continent after he was spotted on the French coast.

But he is being monitored after suffering an injury with a boat, authorities in France confirmed.

Wally had become a popular sight over the Spring with locals and visitors flocking to see it lounging around on a slipway in South Wales.

Animal welfare groups believe it initially came across the North Atlantic ocean from Greenland on an ice floe.

It was first seen in Ireland before taking up residence in Tenby, Pembrokeshire in March.

While in Wales, Wally was pictured capsizing an inflatable dinghy boat and attempting to climb aboard a fishing boat, as well as balancing a starfish on its nose.

And after a brief stopover in Cornwall earlier this month, the walrus has seemingly left the UK for good and headed to the continent.

Pictures have now shown Wally on a slipway in Les Sables-d’Olonne, a seaside town in western France.

The French authorities also advised walkers not to approach and keep a safe distance.

The spokesperson added: “This is a wild, dangerous, powerful animal that can go very fast ashore.”

Wally became something of a celebrity while in Wales with tourists flocking to Tenby to spot him at his favourite spot near the RNLI lifeboat station.

He caused the RNLI a headache every time they needed to launch their lifeboat, with hosepipes and air horns used to try and move him out of the way.

He left the Pembrokeshire coast without trace before appearing near Padstow, Cornwall.